Monday, December 06, 2010

Your average Lib-Dim

This is what you get when you vote Lib-Dim. This total, vain 64-year-old idiot takes on a 25-year-old glamorous Russian, gives her a job and parliamentary pass – handing her at least three years' access to official documents on defence policy. And now she is suspected of being a spy.

Writes The Guardian:
Its name means "the unravelling of the senses". And with its fine Alsace food and excellent wine, the L'Éveil des Sens restaurant in Strasbourg was the perfect place for a political meeting.

Four times a year members of the Council of Europe's liberal group gathered here on a Sunday evening to relax amid the frescoes and to discuss private business. Among their number was Mike Hancock, the flamboyant rebel Liberal Democrat MP from Portsmouth South. But while other delegates from the council's parliamentary assembly turned up alone, Hancock typically appeared with a glamorous young Russian woman, colleagues said. Sometimes he even brought two.

"They were all the same type: long-legged, good-looking blondes, never older than 25, fluent in French, English and often German, and with a higher education," Mátyás Eörsi, the former head of the European liberal group, which includes Nick Clegg's Lib Dems, said today.

"I've been in Strasbourg since 2004. I remember at least five of Mike's Russian female assistants," said another group member, who declined to be named.
What do these people do for brains?