Friday, December 31, 2010

It's just weather

... and it's caused by global warming. Move along there, nothing to see. And 539 new snowfall records set in the US? Just weather. US record lows outpace record highs 21 to 1 this week? Just weather. But what about the coldest UK winter for 300 years? Just weather - caused by global warming.

Even if the warmists never can seem to get it quite right, it would never do to mock Arctic specialist Bernt Balchen. According to the Christian Science Monitor of 8 June 1972, he warned that a general warming trend over the North Pole was melting the polar ice cap and could produce an ice-free Arctic Ocean by the year 2000.

As of last month, the Arctic Ocean had 3.82 million square miles of ice cover - an area larger than the continental United States. Ignore this. Whatever else happens, you must keep repeating the mantra.

"Though no single mega-storm is the fault of climate change, scientists agree that weather - including snow patterns - will become more intense as the planet's ecosystem is transformed by human-produced pollution. So while New York's near-record snowstorm may not be the direct result of unbridled carbon emissions, powerful storms like it will undoubtedly be more frequent thanks to our head-in-the-sand attitude toward the environment".

There! Now doesn't that feel better!