Saturday, December 18, 2010

It came again

In my whole life, I've only ever seen conditions like these perhaps a couple of times – where we've had soft, slushy snow which has then frozen hard and got another layer on top. This makes it exceedingly dangerous, the most dangerous sort of snow imaginable, where you have soft snow on top of sheet ice. A lot of people are going to be hurt over the next few days. Some are going to die, and some are dying already.

The jokes about "global warming" were funny to start with, then they acquired an ironic edge. Now they are not funny at all. And, while the "forecast" splits Britain into a north-south divide, suggesting the snow will fall well south of here, already tonight we are seeing that soft, sticky, deadly layer getting thicker by the hour. So much for the forecast.

And the warmists just don't get it. Or perhaps they do, which could explain the vicious edge to their attacks. Their mantras are not going to survive this winter, and the politicians who continue to promote this lunacy are going to be howled down, ridiculed and rejected. They haven't realised it yet, but this while stuff falling from the skies is a powerful game-changer, a political event of considerable magnitude.