Saturday, December 18, 2010

A family affair

The last word from the Norths on the Moonbat site comes not from this writer, but from Peter, who writes in the following terms:
I can't speak for the old man but I can tell you why I have ceased to self-censor. I am bored of the racism debate and the label of racism being flung around with reckless abandon in order to silence opposition. Accusing someone of racism these days is almost on a level with crying rape. Dirt sticks.

So as South Park has reclaimed the words fag and gay for other meanings, I have reclaimed "jungle bunny" to mean primitive African savages who show zero respect for the sanctity of life (a label they well deserve), similarly the word "nigger" now means, in the immortal words of The Boondocks, "ignorant motherf*cker".

We are not going to pander to thought police any more. We have to stop being afraid of words, only their intent. Examine peoples deeds not their words.

My dad, Dr North, while serving as a key member of UKIP, was instrumental in fielding two of the first Asian candidates for UKIP and nobody worked harder for them, even in the face of death threats by local muslim cadidates standing for the other parties. Google it if you want. You might find it in the Bradford T&A archives.

Believe what you want to believe. I, and readers of Eureferendum, know the truth about him. But when it comes to tweaking the self-righteous, it's open season and there are no walls in our minds, no barriers in our language.

Our family is from the crap end of Bradford, West Yorkshire. We know racism, we have seen it, and we have experienced the other side of it. We deplore racism in all its forms. But we also do not allow ourselves to be blinkered from realities or to be bullied into not stating that which the thought police have made people afraid to say.

And in my own experience, those who bandy the word racism around do so to hide their own insecurities about their own inner ugliness. I am a seasoned button pusher like my father and I promise you, over a long enough debate, by pressing the right buttons, I can get self defined anti-fascist activists to spew out the most rancid anti-Semitic hate speech you ever heard. It has been my experience that the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. It wasn't so long ago we saw climate activists and leftists marching side by side with Islamic fundamentalists.

When I see any kind of moral and intellectual consistency from the left I may pay attention, but I will not hold my breath. Even in the last two weeks, in the wake of the Assange affair, we have seen that those who "demand to be told the truth" and allegedly "do not trust government" are the same people who seem perfectly happy to accept the governments complete glossing over the climategate leaks. Truth is only true when it is convenient to you people.

And here we have King of the Moonbats resorting to thought police tactics in the absence of a spine. So in that respect I imagine the old man is rather pleased with himself tonight. Game set and match, North.

As a footnote, you lot quoting computer models with reference to climate change, and those of you who question my fathers scientific credentials, his PhD is in epidemiological surveillance. That in itself qualifies him as a scientist.

And those of you interested enough to know who you are dealing with, take a look at what the computer models were saying about BSE (the disease that would kill tens of thousands allegedly) and FMD while you are at it. Then look for the man who was saying it's all a bunch of horse manure. Don't be surprised if the name Dr Richard North pops up once or twice; the source of much research the great Moonbat himself has been the beneficiary of. Dunno about you, but I make a point of listening to scientists with a track record of being right.
Makes you proud, that.

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