Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Parish notes

Readers will have noted that the latest Battle of Britain post went up early, not least because one reader, Andy Baxter, kindly volunteered his services and sent me by email the core script, to which I could then bolt on some more detail and the pics.

I'm actually quite amazed at the response to this venture. There is enormous interest in the narrative, and clearly there is a need for a more coherent account of the Battle. Hence, I am convinced it is worth doing, even if it is taking a little longer than I anticipated each day.

With Andy helping out, this makes things a lot easier, but it would also help if we could have "watchers" of specific aspects. In particular, most of the official narratives tend to be London-centric, but this was the Battle of Britain, and the whole of Britain was involved.

People who could watch each of the regions and write the occasional daily summary would be extraordinarily helpful – even the occasional, fully-formed paragraph which could be slotted into the running script would be much appreciated, either put on the forum or emailed to me.

We have other ideas as well, on how to expand the scope of the work, and I will post notes about these developments as they arise. Now, back to work ...

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