Monday, July 12, 2010

The assumption of stupidity

For sure, the headline of this piece is modified by the strap, but the commentators are in no doubt about the message - and nor are we. Our politicians have been giving away power for far too long and it has already transformed Britain.

But, as always, we get the dismal Cleggeron pair prattling about the transfer of power, power which is not theirs to give as it has already been ceded. Again, as always though, this dire, malign pair manage their quota of extruded verbal material without once mentioning the EU.

Not for the first time, we are left to wonder whether it is the Cleggerons themselves who are so thick that they don't realise we will notice the missing elephant, or simply that they think we are so thick that we won't notice.

Purely on the basis that no politician could get to the levels this pair have achieved and be as thick as they look and behave, one must assume that they are taking us for fools.

And, if there is one thing you should not attempt to do in this country is take the electorate for fools - it's this "assumption of stupidity" which is really so offensive. You can get away with it for a while – for quite a long while - but eventually it catches up with you. Politicians who take the piss tend to get slaughtered in the polls, if not in the streets.