Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hungary's revolt

Ambrose says it augurs ill for Greece. This is the collapse of Hungary's talks with the International Monetary Fund and the EU that we picked up on Sunday. It is a chilly reminder that sovereign debt crises do not end with a rescue package and a click of the fingers. As austerity drags on for year after year, democracies react, he writes.

The thing is, if it is as bad as he makes out, and as bad as I think it is, then it would be on the front page, instead of this meaningless fluff about a "big society". If this goes down, we'll be lucky to have a society at all, unless you count Grozny as a model (pictured).

But then I keep forgetting that our newspapers don't do real news any more, alongside our politicians who don't do real politics. So, when it happens we're likely to get little warning, and we'll be totally stuffed before we even realise it. Whoever said ignorance is bliss?