Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Delusion or deception?

Once again we are thrust into that all-embracing dilemma as we learn of The Great Leader's exudations in the Wall Street Journal, where he tells us that he is hard-headed and realistic about US-UK relations.

"I understand that we are the junior partner - just as we were in the 1940s and, indeed, in the 1980s," says TGL. "But we are a strong, self-confident country clear in our views and values, and we should behave that way."

As it stands, we're not even a country, or barely so, as the EU increasingly usurps our role on the world stage. And as long as we have to play handmaiden to our masters in Brussels, there is not a chance of us being strong, self-confident, or clear in our views and values.

So the question is, is he deluding himself, or deceiving us? Could it even be both?

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