Saturday, July 24, 2010

Northing cn goe wring

I am not sure whether to be mortified or reassured by this report of an interview with a "cabin crew insider." It goes like this:
There have been moments where I've thought, thank God the passengers can't see us now, like the time I was sitting by a swimming pool in Cyprus at 5am, drinking martinis and watching our drunken flight captain flirting with a girl, and thinking, "He's got to fly a plane in less than four hours' time." Still, he was flying Airbus, which means they hardly have to do a thing – the computer almost lands it for them.
They said of the factories of the future that they would end up employing only a man and a dog each. The man would sweep the floor – the dog was there to stop him touching any of the buttons. And so it will be when we see pilots walk into the cockpit with a dog. Then, nothing can go wring.