Friday, July 16, 2010

And by the way

As my regular readers will know, I very rarely do "personal" on this blog. But, as the warmists crowd in, some of whom make a meal of the smallest imperfection and even the typos, I need to say that there will very often be typos and some rather odd mistakes on the first drafts of posts.

This is not through any lack of care but for the very simple fact that I very frequently suffer a form of migraine which closes down my peripheral vision - I end up only being able to see the words, letter by letter. Making sense of them can be a nightmare.

However, I have a band of willing and anonymous proof readers who vet my posts once they are published and send me corrections. I am very grateful for their help and through them, in time, most imperfections should be corrected. If you see a mistake, let me know and I will correct it. That's the way the world generally works. It is no big deal.