Monday, February 01, 2010

The para-governmental organisation

Autonomous Mind draws attention to the enthusiasm for climate change measures on the part of Big Oil – and Shell in particular. He reminds us that oil companies are making a fortune out of global warming, and are very much part of the consensus.

Meanwhile, John Rosenthal writing in Pajamasmedia puts the WWF under the spotlight, pointing out that the organisation soaks up so much government money – including a small fortune from the EU – that it should no longer be called an NGO. It is a para governmental organisation (PGO).

In July 2007, we came to the same conclusion about Friends of the Earth Europe, which we called a quasi governmental organisation.

That label didn't stick, and I think I prefer PGO. I hope that does catch on. To describe this wholly new form of organisation as an NGO is a misrepresentation.