Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pachauri's law

A fine piece of writing from Dipankar Gupta in yesterday's Indian Mail Today. It is on line here or if you click the pic above, it is readable. Says Gupta:
On the other hand, to get an admission from Pachauri is like dragging a pet to the vet. When confronted with the errors, he shifted the blame to his researchers and to the probability theory that with so many facts it's alright to go wrong on a couple.
and ...
What really matters is the emergence of Pachauri's law. It says "good science drives out bad science with the speed of melting ice cream".
Not sure about that last bit – it seems to contradict the headline, which is more to the point. But, overall, there are some delicious barbs, and some serious points, not least that the paranoia over climate change is diverting attention from real pollution.