Friday, September 21, 2007

Spot the difference

By way of a demonstration of our new facility, we have posted on Umbrella Blog about the young boy who drowned, while two community support officers (CSOs) who were summoned to help merely called for a trained police officer.

The new facility gives us the opportunity to post the occasional story completely unrelated to the EU Referendum theme, thus enabling us to reserve this blog for its specialist subjects.

More importantly, it enables us to offer readers - who do not wish to run their own blogs - an additional opportunity to publish their views on the internet. We are thus happy to consider submissions (on any subject) up to about 400 words. Use the "contact us" button on the sidebar if you have any material you wish to be considered.

We have also posted a thread on the forum (link below). This will be a temporary home, while we develop a dedicated forum for the new blog. Further posts of this nature will be notified only on the Umbrella Blog main page.


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