Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A war without weapons

"I do not yet despair of the Tories being the largest party on May 7. Whether they would be able to form a government is quite another matter," writes Heffer.

"Whether they deserve to be able to form one is another still. Perhaps the meltdown at Tory HQ that we are told is under way, with talk beginning about who or what might come next, is an indication that a moral defeat has already taken place. We hear little about the 'big idea' of the 'big society', which despite the efforts of propagandists died almost the second it left the womb. The public knows it is inadequate: the big idea it wants is about securing prosperity again, and the Tories are nowhere near a credible plan for that."

"You cannot win a war without weapons, and Mr Cameron chose to disarm years ago," he concludes.