Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From the horse's mouth

At least, I think it's his mouth ... the one and only Geoffrey Lean, who tells us:
Amid all the clashing of policies that we can expect over the next four weeks, one important set of issues – though much debated of late – will remain uncontentious, at least among the major parties. Despite all the furore over climate science following the hacking and hyping of the University of East Anglia e-mails – and despite apparent growing scepticism among the public – all the three main parties fully accept that humanity is causing global warming and that urgent action must be taken to combat it.

They also agree on something truly radical: that future economic growth must be increasingly green, not just to minimize climate change, but as the best way to ensure sustainable prosperity. This is an extraordinarily rapid development: at the last general election, just five years ago, the idea was scarcely on the political map. But now the only real disagreement among the main parties is about who is doing most to bring about the low carbon economy.
Gazing at the torrent of election coverage, as I have been doing most of the day, one gets the feeling of looking down from on high at a newly-exposed termites' nest ... frenetic activity, but very little purpose. And, from that height, they all look the same, rather as Lean has noticed.