Saturday, April 03, 2010

Personality politics

Here we go again, the Boy King bleating away in The Daily Telegraph:
The past four years have felt like the longest job interview in the world. If I am asking to lead their country, then people have a right to know more about me. It would be naive not to accept this in an age of YouTube and Twitter. Some voters might not like this approach, but the personal is political. The experiences that shaped me have influenced my life, my ideas and my ideals.
Nah ... the personal is not the political. Political means policies, policies means choice and choice means decisions. An electoral system requires that we, the voters, make choices, not on personalities but on policies. But, in a strictly policy-lite article, all we get is the usual fluff ...
But quite apart from the values my family taught me, it was their love that left the greatest impression on me. Nothing beats the strength of a family, willing you on when things are going right, picking up the pieces when things go wrong. And again last year, when Sam and I lost our precious son, their support helped carry us through the darkest days.
Oh, pl-eeeeze. This is beyond embarrassing. It is sick. And this is a man who wants to be prime minister? He expects us to vote for him?