Monday, April 05, 2010

Organised hypocrisy

Gerald Warner sees the bigger picture behind the Grayling affair, and what it says about "the organised hypocrisy that is the Cameron project."

Addressing then the supine response of the Christians in this country, large numbers of whom intend to go out on polling day and vote "Conservative" (or even Labour), Warner notes that they have not made the connection between their supine support of their persecutors and the escalating crusade against their religion.

The laws that increasingly oppress Christians in this country, Warner says, are made by 646 individuals in the House of Commons. There are millions of Christians in Britain. They have the power, if they choose to exercise it, to consign those 646 petty dictators to the dustbin of history.

Thus, he counsels, if Britain's Christians acted in their own interests and abandoned the three mainstream, aggressively PC political parties, the tyranny that oppresses them would be swept away. Everybody else is organised in militant interest groups, but Christians do nothing to defend themselves. They could start by withdrawing all support from the Cameronian Party and its anti-Christian agenda.

He is dead right there. The only reason these people will get back into power is if we vote for them. Never before in recent history has there been such an opportunity to make a statement against the established political classes. A vote for Labour, the "Conservatives" or the Lib-Dims is a vote for tyranny – to use Warner's word. The way forward is very clear.