Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not the only one

It appears that Gordon Brown is not the only one to have been caught out forgetting to switch off his microphone. A recording has now emerged of a secret conversation between Daniel Hannan and "call me Dave" Cameron. It is unclear who was wearing the microphone, but the voices are easily recognisable. And thus goes the narrative:

DH: We should allow the public to vote on our continued membership of the EU.
Dave: There's a chance they might vote no, and so we simply can't do that.
DH: You're the boss, Sir.
Dave: Now get out there and ensure the public vote "conservative" – throw in a few lines about UKIP whilst you're at it.
DH: You're the boss, Sir.
Dave: Remember to tell the public I give them a cast-iron guarantee that I want to be in Europe but not run by Europe. Remember to phrase it as Europe and not the federal EU government.
DH: You're the boss, Sir.
Dave: If anyone points out that the other 26 countries need to agree to my repatriation of powers manifesto pledge, tell them I can persuade them.
DH: You're the boss, Sir.
Dave: Now get to work my little muppet.

The rest of the tape is indistinct, but it terminates abruptly with what sounds suspiciously like shoes being polished.