Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chaos rules

A new eruption of the Icelandic volcano last night threw plans to get Britain flying again into chaos, reports the Daily Mail.

Air passengers who were told their flights would be resumed today from UK airports had their hopes dashed after more cancellations were announced. A new ash cloud heading towards the country has forced all London Airports to remain closed, while others in England might be open from 1pm, but this was not certain, and Scottish airports will open at 7am.

BA had planned to resume flights from its London airports today but last night they were forced to cancel those plans, we are told.

This is getting to be a nightmare without end. Several airlines are on the brink of collapse, and stranded passengers are getting increasingly desperate. And, with impeccable Gallic timing, French railway workers have gone on strike. Plans to feed them into a volcano crater, as human sacrifices, have so far been vetoed by the French government.