Saturday, April 03, 2010

"Passionate" about climate change?

Ed Miliband says: "It's vital at this election that the voice of young people is heard. I hope they will reject a Conservative party that has nothing to offer them and support Labour's future fair for all young people. They are passionate about issues including climate change, safer streets and Britain's future as a hi-tech economy. Labour will continue to listen to young people and deliver real support to help them get on in life."

Let's see now – Ed Miliband is secretary of state for which department? And he thinks "young people" (bit patronising that - he's not that long out of nappies – physically at least) are "passionate" about issues including climate change. Well, that much he has in common with Geoffrey Lean, which says something about them both ... not sure what, but it says something.

By the way, who or what is a Gene Hunt? Nothing to do with the search for intelligence in the Conservative Party, I assume.