Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a difference a decade makes

Nearly ten years ago, our hero Phil Jones (he of CRU "Climategate" fame) was writing by e-mail to his mate "Mike" Mann, telling him that he had "little regard for the Web."

"I would ignore the so-called skeptics until they get to the peer-review arena," he counselled Mike, although he acknowledged that this was "harder for you in the US". However, he consoled his fellow worker with the view that: "I guess it shows though that what we are doing in [sic] important." With that, he concluded: "The skeptics are fighting a losing battle." One wonders whether he might now like to re-visit those sentiments.

Incidentally, it is snowing in North Wales today. The photograph (taken at 15:14 hrs GMT today) shows the view looking up Llanberis Pass - Snowdon (on right) - over Padarn Lake from Brynrefail. Yet, I seem to remember being told that global warming fraud was going to wipe the snow off the mountains.