Sunday, November 29, 2009


Searching the Google news site for Booker's latest column yields an interesting result – like it isn't there (above – click the pic to enlarge).

That is using the search string: "Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation" – which is the full headline of the piece. I shows up where it has been quoted in full by other sites, but of the Booker column there is no sign. It has been "disappeared".

Repeating the exercise with other headlines from The Sunday Telegraph presents no problems. They come up straight away. Only the Booker column remains invisible.

Repeating the exercise with a new string "Christopher Booker" (above – click to enlarge) yields similarly interesting results on the news site. The column for last week shows up, and the week before. But of this week's column, there is no sign.

This cannot be accidental – there is a quite deliberate attempt to prevent this piece being listed. Repeating the exercise on and news pages gets similar nil results. Yet other headlines from comment pieces from The Sunday Telegraph show up immediately.

James Dellingpole has picked up the problem (great minds) but my guess is that this isn't a Google issue. The problem probably lies closer to home – there looks to be an enemy in the camp, who has probably been using this, or something like it.