Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Howling in the night

David Cameron, that is, according to Simon Heffer - when it comes to Europe

How long he [Cameron] can hold the meaningless new line remains to be seen. He must hope it will last until he has had his meeting with destiny – or, rather, the electorate – next spring, writes the earnest columnist.

Heffer suspects it will not be long after the treaty comes into force on December 1 that the full implications of it will become apparent to even the most casual observer, and with it the emptiness of Mr Cameron's promises. He does seem to make European policy without ever considering its consequences.

As Norman Lamont's boot boy, Mr Cameron had a ringside seat for the travails of John Major during the last civil war. He appears to have learned little from the exercise. Sir John encouraged false expectations and they were destroyed by the reality of the European project. Mr Cameron, even before he gets into power, risks making the same, corrosive mistake.

Perhaps when we all realise how much has been sacrificed for us in the name of European unity. Heffer adds, it will be easier for alleged sceptics like Mr Cameron to tell the truth.

One thing, though, is never in doubt. To pretend that Britain might one day dine à la carte from the menu of the Treaty of Lisbon would be just the latest grotesque deceit practised upon this country in the name of Europe.

The only thing Heffer is uncertain about is whether Cameron is "obtuse or simply dishonest." I suppose he could be both.