Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why do they remind me of pythons?

There can be no sillier words in the English language (to paraphrase President Reagan quite shamelessly) than the following: "Trust me, I am a politician". Do these people understand that their trustworthiness in most people's eyes is somewhere just below that of second-hand car salesmen? As for estate agents, these hard-working (especially now) boys and girls are paragons of virtue and truthfulness.

Yet, as the boss has pointed out, that is the campaign favoured by at least one of the main political parties and, for all I know, the others will start saying the same soon. Trust in me ..... Surely the Boy-King recalls Disney's "Jungle Book" and the song Kaa, the python, sings to the mesmerized monkeys? It is a very frightening scene, despite, or because of, the inventiveness of the film. In the book the same scene is nightmarish.

All of which reminds me that we have covered the notion of politicians and trust before. Here it is. Enjoy. Nothing has changed.