Thursday, April 09, 2009

Party system

I was going to put up this comment on the forum, then decided to open it up (for what it's worth) to the readership of the blog. I have already written about Jury Team and their ideas on how to improve politics in this country and shall do so again when I checked out their candidates and whether any of them have actually understood how the EU is structured and how it functions. (Hint: I hold out no great hopes.)

I am fully in agreement with the boss: the main purpose of Jury Team is most probably to draw support away from the BNP, the existing anti-party party. The Tories have finally realized that it is not only from Labour that the party of national as opposed to international socialism will be drawing votes.

But what of the party system? Well, this is what I was going to put up on the forum. Here it is, instead.

We have had a party system since the early eighteenth century if not from the days of the Restoration. How is it a current canker? Either it was always that or it is not that now. If you want to see what a political system is like without paties but with all the other appertunances of democracy, take a good look at Russia.

In what way is it an improvement to have people who are so arrogant that they think their views and opinions expressed in a pub or round a dinner table make them eligible for a political position in Parliament or the European Parliament when they cannot be bothered to find out the first thing about the institutions they want to participate in?

There we are. Enjoy Maundy Thursday.