Sunday, November 13, 2011

Officially out

I've been reading John Toland's biography of Hitler while in hospital, his picture on the front of the book exciting much comment, not least from an intensive care nurse who, on seeing it laid on my bed, remarked, "Ah! My Boss!"

Having nearly finished the beast, I am not impressed. It is strewn with errors and unsupported assertions. Important parts of the narrative are missing. But I was nevertheless amused by the account of an assassination attempt on Hitler 1929, foiled because the perpetrator went to the toilet while waiting to detonate his bomb and got accidentally locked in the cubicle, unable to carry out the deed. Thus was history changed by the stuff of farce.

In a tiny way, the same happened today. Owing to some quite stunning work by the Nuffield health team, I was discharged early this afternoon, less than seven days after entering – and only six days after they had bolted me back together. Everything was going swimmingly ... I was two days ahead of medical expectations, and had great blogging plans for the evening. Then I sneezed.

God, that hurt so much!

I'll pick up the threads tomorrow.