Sunday, November 06, 2011

Light blogging

I'm off to the menders for a spot of open heart surgery. A slight fall-off in my rate of blogging may thus occur.

The prospect of human beings rooting around in my insides is slightly daunting, even more so that bits of my heart are to be removed and replaced with parts of a pig. Fortunately, I know the owner of the slaughterhouse from whence the porcine volunteer came, and Sammy has assured me that only the highest quality pigs are used. I am much cheered.

At the Nuffield, under the care of Pankaj Kaul, I could not be in better hands. If things go to plan, I shall be rather preoccupied through Monday, but may be in a position to take an interest in the wider world from late Tuesday. The hospital is equipped with wi-fi, and I will be taking my laptop. Depending on how I feel, I may subsequently be able to write the occasional blog post.

In the meantime, North Jr, Helen - and even Booker - have promised to step into the breach. Peter will post occasional bulletins, and the ever-faithful Mrs EUReferendum will be holding the fort. My thanks for everyone's good wishes. These are much appreciated, and readers need have no fears. I am told that the operation does not confer a sunny disposition. God willing, service will continue as before, with "snarl mode" as default.