Sunday, November 06, 2011

Does this man have any self-awareness?

"The psychology of the EU – a postwar elite bureaucracy – is entirely out of kilter with this very modern surge of popular protest: technology-driven, non-hierarchical, anti-elitist. It is like trying to connect an old ribbon typewriter to an iPad".

So writes that unutterable fool Matthew d'Ancona. He is correct, as far as it goes. But he needs to look in the mirror. This is the man whose public fawning over the love of his life, David Cameron, is positively embarrassing, and man for whom the phrase "head up his own arse" was invented.

Further, he perpetuates the great and ongoing myth that this is all about the euro-élites, conveniently sliding over the sailent fact that it is the likes of him, and the British political élites whom he supports, that help keep in place the EU structures.

The "above-the-line" syndrome does thus affect them all. They are part of the problem and it is a measure of how out of touch they are that fools such as d'Ancona can write his pieces without blushing. Still, at least someone is on the ball ... read Autonomous Mind.