Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cruella is baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, only temporarily. The Boss will be allowed to take light internet on Tuesday, I am told, and, no doubt, will be checking up on my activities on this blog. Heh! It will be lighter blogging as I am not nearly as hard-working as the Boss but those readers who were around in the past know that. Those who have arrived here since the time I resided on EUReferendum will learn.

Furthermore, I shall be juggling two blogs therefore some of the postings will be duplicated. Not a great problem as there are many readers who do not read Your Freedom and Ours and will not be bored by my burblings.

What else will be different? Less anger and fury but a good deal more cold sarcasm. Nobody, I flatter myself, does cold sarcasm better than I do. Some of the subjects might be different. My preoccupations are different. I shall try to keep off matters to do with Russia or the tranzis; on the other hand my view on local government is quite simple: get rid of it ASAP. I shall not be writing about it or about bailiffs with whom I have not had much to do for some years but they may return into my life. Who can predict such things?

Someone else will be handling the comments and the forum and as the Boss said, North Jnr will be posting bulletins.

So with all those provisos ... en avant.