Monday, November 28, 2011

Can we kill them now?

More than 450 council staff attended the Town Hall event in honour of Geoff Alltimes, who last month left his job as one of the highest paid local authority executives in the country with a pay-off of more than £200,000 and an annual pension thought to be in excess of £100,000.

If they do not understand why we should want to kill them, then they deserve to die. These people are putting themselves beyond the pale, beyond normal human or political discourse.

But it gets worse. In the same piece, we see this:
Meanwhile, the row over the value of Mr Alltimes' pension rumbled on last week when MP Greg Hands accused rival MP Andy Slaughter of hyposcrisy over his attacks on the controversial subject.

Documents seen by the Chronicle reveal Mr Slaughter was also generous with the public purse in his days with the council. When he was executive mayor of the then Labour-ruled authority in 1999, Mr Slaughter oversaw the appointment of Richard Harbord as CEO on a starting salary of about £110,000, the equivalent of £150,000 in todays' money. Records show that within a year Mr Harbord was given a rise to £140,000, and it is believed he was given a further hike when appointed to a second role of finance director in June 2001.

During his recent broadside, which coincided with Mr Alltimes' retirement, Mr Slaughter was also critical of his pension arrangements, which are thought to have included a 'goodbye' payment of £270,000 in addition to annual injections of £104,000 and his final basic salary of £226,000.
Let me remind you, if we refuse to pay these bastards, we go to jail. A warrant is sworn out against you, the police come and get you, breaking into your home and taking you away, by force if you resist. With that power should go responsibility. When that goes, we owe them nothing, not even their lives.

Until these people learn that this corporate looting is way beyond acceptable, they really do not deserve to live. And if they are too thick to understand that, why should we even trouble to educate them?