Monday, November 28, 2011

Not a problem here

The lady might have had a difficult decision, but I had no problems at all. It was me or the piggy. Actually, I know the slaughterhouse owner who provided my new valve … he is a good friend and tells me the pig was eaten long ago.

Interestingly, they harvest about 200 pigs from the normal slaughter line, to get one valve. If the valves are not used, they go in the bin, so at least my little piggy did not die in vain.

And for those that have been asking, your continued interest and concern is much appreciated. I get better and stronger by the day – walking a full half-hour each day and getting almost back to normal sleeping. I'm still maxing out on pain killers, but that tends to be when they slice you up.

With three weeks since the operation, it could not have gone more smoothly, and - of course - Mrs EU Referendum has been brilliant! The Nuffield team that did the op and after-care could not have been more professional and the abiding memory is one of skill and humour combined. Scared I was … relieved I now am. Amazed I still am that they kicked me out after a week.

A few weeks more and I'll be as fit as the little lady in The Mail story, although not quite as good looking. And I still can't play the piano.