Friday, November 11, 2011

Missing the point.

If you've been following the blog this year you'll have noticed the steady rise in council chief executives taking home offensive salaries and benefits. Not a week goes by without (at least) one of these reports crossing my desk. While Wiltshire has ditched its own parasite in what appears to be a purge of such useless suits, the looting continues elsewhere unabated.

While we welcome any move to contain this vile, corrupt epidemic, the TPA has again missed the point with its offerings.

The Bath branch of a national campaign group has launched a drive to cut the pay of the city’s next council chief executive. A petition has been started by the Bath TaxPayers’ Alliance group aimed at persuading Bath and North East Somerset Council to follow the example of a London borough in reducing the salary of the top position at the Guildhall.

It is not that we pay them too much. It is that we pay them at all. If an elected council is not its executive, what is the point of having them?