Saturday, March 05, 2011

Spring cleaning

Blair sucks up to mass-murderer Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, Prince Andrew had been terribly cosy with a billionaire paedophile, and the LSE is up to its armpits in Libyan money. Andy McSmith in The Independent argues that many more universities are up to their necks in it.

These are the "great and the good", the intellectual leaders, the √©lites who infest the upper reaches of our society, who glide so easily amongst the rich, the powerful and the famous. These are the people who, individually and collectively, decide what is good for us, who see fit to tell us what to do, who warn us about climate change and such matters ... yet they consort with thieves, murderers and sexual perverts, and live off tainted money.

We should be allow ourselves to be led by them? Or is it time for some spring cleaning?