Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Community relations

We think we have problems, so it is quite instructive to read this in the St. Petersburg Times:
Artist Oleg Vorotnikov was recently released after spending several months in custody. In September he and other members of the non-conformist art group Voina, or War, overturned several police cars in a highly visible protest in St. Petersburg over a bill to reform the police that they have branded a sham.

After his arrest, some of Vorotnikov's possessions were impounded by the police. After his eventual release, he filed a formal request at the police station for the return of his items. It did not cut much ice with the officers. "The police officers tore up my letter in front of me", Vorotnikov said. "And then the boss said that he would piss over what I had in my hands if I didn't shut up and stop demanding my stuff".
Come to think of it, it's not a whole lot different from trying to make a complaint to West Yorkshire's finest. At least they are not as thick as the London Plod though – fitting up a "client" while wired for sound. You don't actually know which to be more worried about.

And then we have Manchester Police covering themselves in glory again. Says Chief Superintendent Rebekah Sutcliffe: "All reports of gunshots are taken very seriously and because of the potential threat to people's lives we have to take swift and appropriate action to deal with these very serious risks". Where do they get these people? Is there a special planet we don't know about?