Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To a benefits queue near you

Today Lampedusa, the tiny Italian-owned island ... some tens of thousands of Tunisians who have fled their own country – with possibly more Libyans to follow. Having necessarily developed a robust approach to unwanted immigrants, though, the Italians encourage these people to move on, and they all know which is the softest touch in Europe.

Yet our administration, which is progressively clamping down on immigration and work visas from recklessly undeveloped trouble-spots like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States, is open house to Italy's cast-offs, throwing benefit cheques, free housing and other aid to all-comers.

In nice white Witney, of course, little slimy Dave is not troubled by the inner-city blues which would have people rushing to vote BNP if his constituency was used as a dumping ground which the white, working class areas are expected to tolerate.

But with Britain overstuffed with more immigrants than it can safely deal with, even to the extent that recent immigrants are saying "no more", all little Dave can offer is a further clamp-down on non-EU immigrants. Yet the back door is wide open, and they are coming in through Italy just now, and Greece and Spain, headed in our direction for the benefits queues.

Without dealing with our membership of the EU, though, Dave can't do anything – and because he won't do anything about our membership, he won't do anything about this problem. And that, he will be finding in the fullness of time, isn't good enough.