Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wait a minute, she has said this before

There is a definite feeling of déjà vue around the fragrant Commissar’s most recent, nauseatingly coy and self-righteous posting. The picture of all the Commissars standing together has been on the blog before as has the following:
“My contribution was the ideas for “Plan D – for dialogue, debate and democracy” where I presented a list of actions for better listening to citizens, better explaining what we do and how to act locally. Member states have to take the main responsibility for organising it but we can hopefully push and pull those not yet ready… This is not a rescue operation for the Constitution but something that will go far beyond the life time of this Commission. Democracy takes time and to build a new democratic infrastructure in Europe will be a tremendous challenge.”
I distinctly remember replying to that tosh about democracy taking a long time by pointing out to the fragrant one that many of the member states (including her own) already have democracy and do not need unelected, unaccountable officials to teach them.

As for dialogue and listening, we have definitely discussed it before. And the question one keeps asking as part of the dialogue: which bit of no don’t you understand. Answer comes there none. The words “day” and “groundhog” spring to mind.

We do, however, catch a glimpse of the fragrant Commissar for Disinformation at work:
“Had a breakfast meeting with representatives from the so-called Roundtable of Industrialists. I made them angry by saying that they could do more for sustainable development and more to promote corporate social responsibility. (Maybe I should stop accepting breakfast meetings – it is not my best time of the day…) They said it was already taken care of…”
Yes, I imagine they were quite angry. These are busy people after all, leading the sort of organizations that might, if left to themselves, actually drag Europe out of the economic swamp it has been dumped into. Why should they waste time listening to fluffy-bunny Commissars producing trite nonsense?

I particularly liked the start of the posting about her losing the parameters on her mobile phone and the wonderfully puerile comparison she draws between that and the Commissars losing their parameters, what with the no votes on the constitution, the stalled budget and so on.

Where, one wonders, will they be able to find those parameters again? Then it occurred to us on this blog that she is clearly talking about a section of the new European security force. As there are not enough soldiers, meters will have to be drafted.

The 32nd Battalion of the Parameters will, like all other Paras, wear red berets and will go in immediately after the Marinemeters, to sort out difficulties caused by stalled budgets. Once the immediate problems have been sorted, the Engineermeters and Sappermeters will follow to construct the necessary infrastructure.

I offer the fragrant Commissar this solution free of charge, gratis and for nothing.


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