Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cameron speaks

David Cameron makes a pitch for the support of Right-wing Conservatives today, says The Daily Telegraph. He is “attacking the European Union's social policies and expressing support for the idea of flat taxes to be examined by the party.”

In an opinion piece, we then get to see what Cameron has to say. “We must challenge the culture of the EU,” the man writes. “Not just resisting new regulations, but fighting to end the EU's damaging social role, leaving it to focus on its real job: making the single market work properly and championing free trade.” He continues:

Those who believe that pressure for deeper integration in Europe has somehow gone away are wrong. With the centralising agenda rejected in referendums, now is the time to press home the arguments for radical change: returning employment and social regulation to national control. There are encouraging signs that a Eurosceptic Conservative government would not be isolated in calling for such changes.

The CDU manifesto calls for the "recovery of competences" from the EU. It would be bizarre if we were to adopt a position of silence when countries like Germany were moving in the opposite direction. Euro-enthusiasts are fond of transport metaphors, so here's one: the EU has taken the wrong fork in the road, to a low-growth, high-unemployment future. The EU needs to turn around and take a different path. We Conservatives have to show that we're ready to fight tough battles - over tax, regulation, Europe and public service reform.
And that's it folks. I guess UKIP members will not be rushing to hand in their membership cards.


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