Friday, September 09, 2005

Oil-for-food - what is it about?

This blog is proud of the fact that we were among the very first in Britain to have raised the subject of the oil-for-food scandal. We wrote about it long before the dozy British MSM even heard about it.

Even when the story became too big to be hidden behind the latest antics of Big Brother contestants or Z-list celebrities, the MSM concentrated on the rather unimportant role of that rather unimportant back-bench MP and self-publicist, George Galloway (last seen trying to organize a convoy around the United States with Hanoi Jane Fonda and Commodore Sean Penn).

Once even Paul Volcker, a cheer-leader for the UN in another life, found that the scandal and corruption had honeycombed the entire organization, we have had a certain amount of rather reluctant discussion with emphasis on the rather dubious fact that SecGen Kofi Annan (father of Kojo) remains a shining example of probity to us all.

It was left to blogs like this one to follow the story as well as the many other examples of UN corruption and inefficiency. We intend to continue doing so. However, we have found an excellent summary of the entire oil-for-food saga and thought that our readers might like to see it as well.

Now this is what we call responsible journalism.


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