Sunday, November 28, 2010

A tale of two Chindamos

Two "takes" on the same problem - this one from Alasdair Palmer and this one from Christopher Booker.  Which one would you go for? And Booker is back on the case with stolen kids as well – and no help from a Tory minister. Why am I not surprised? Did I tell him he was wasting his time seeing him? Do bears do things in woods?

Then there is the case of the black days for the Carbon [dioxide] industry. Not so much Cancun as Can'tcun. But that won't stop them trying. As the climate scare dies, the sound of whistling in the dark grows ever louder, Booker writes. Failing that, there is always this - which offers useful and imaginative things to do with a tickling stick. I'd sooner it was a telegraph pole, but the idea is right. You can't have everything in this world.