Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of hell and handcarts

We're domed.

And Ambrose has spoken (written, actually). It would appear (to our complete lack of surprise) that the Irish have been well and truly shafted. But, writes Ambrose:
It is not for a British newspaper to suggest which course to take. Both outcomes are ghastly, but as one Irish reader wrote to me: if Eamon De Valera could defy world opinion in 1945 by sending condolences to Germany for the death of the Fuhrer, today’s leaders need not worry too much about scandalizing those who made them swallow Lisbon. Compliance is traumatic. Default is traumatic. What the Irish have before them is a political choice about what they wish to be as a people, and a nation.
This is fighting talk, on top of this, which he wrote earlier.

However, I suspect that the only difference between us and the Irish is one of timing. Would they accept British members in the IRA?