Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hold tight!

I was working hammer and tongs on the Battle of Britain project most of yesterday, which meant that my eye was definitely off the ball. Mind you, I was not so far behind as to have missed this - the Independent's "take" on the Irish situation.

Some of our forum comments, I think, are more informative and some specialist sites have far more than you will get in the MSM. But the trouble is that, in this fast-moving situation, we are moving into unknown territory. This is one episode where the word "unprecedented" is no longer hyperbole.

We are now definitely looking at the prospect of the failure of the euro, and if that does go, the EU will not be far behind. But the result is not going to be pleasant. If this goes the way it looks as if it is headed, we are in for a seriously rough ride. Hold tight!