Saturday, November 27, 2010

Entirely in character

In a sort of extended "let them eat cake" moment, the Daily Mail has slime Huhne ready to live it up at the taxpayers' expense, set to enjoy the facilities of the £240-a-night Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun for the United Nations summit.

Further, it is not just his carcase we will be funding, but the whole delegation of 45 British officials who will have a choice of 14 buffet and a la carte restaurants and 12 bars. They can even strengthen the Coalition over a round of golf on a course designed by Jack Nicklaus, says The Mail.

This sort of story, of course, is typical Mail, calculated to invoke fury in the breast of Middle England – and that is precisely what it does. But that does not mean the story does not stand up on its own merits in pointing out the hypocrisy of our loathsome masters.

We had similar stories come out of Copenhagen, with its luxury limousines and private jets, so we should know to expect nothing different, but it pays to be reminded of the nature of the slime which is telling us how much we must sacrifice to save the planet.

The old joke about rising up and slaughtering them, therefore, is losing its appeal – except it is not a joke. For Huhne read Marie Antoinette – the roles are interchangeable. As we gaze through the window at the layer of global warming covering the landscape, it is our earnest wish that they should share the same fate.