Friday, November 26, 2010

The Lean machine

It is a totally reliable guide. When a climate summit is in the offing, the bullshit index goes off the scale. This time, it is the turn of Geoffrey Lean, who gets hammered in the comments.

His newspaper surely must have realised by now that Lean is detested by the readership, does not represent their values and is a liability to the paper. Yet, as with Louise Gray, they persevere, ignoring their readers. To that extent, they are like the politicians they serve – having completely lost touch with the real world and oblivious to the sentiment of their own constituencies.

That this should be happening with politicians is understandable, but less so with newspapers, which are reliant on their commercial base. Why they should be so keen to commit suicide is difficult to explain. However, continuing to employ the Lean machine it as clear a statement as you are going to get that the paper does not give a toss about what its readers think.

I think we owe it to the newspaper to react accordingly.