Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Severe climate warning

The whole concept would be a joke, if it wasn't for the fact that it had rich and powerful backers – like the WWF - with their hands out for even more of our money. As it is though, one can tell simply from the increasingly strident nature of the "warnings" that there is a climate summit coming up, and the money-grabbers are making their pitch.

What speaks volumes though is that the "warning" comes from UNEP, one the sponsoring agencies of the IPCC, and not the IPCC itself. This might suggest a certain loss of confidence in the star performers, leaving little Rajendra out on the margins while the shine is put on the begging bowl.

The irony is that in the real world, there is a severe weather warning in the offing. There is snow in Aberdeen and other Scottish locales, and the white stuff is moving south.

Furthermore, we have a number of severe economic warnings in place. But the warmists do not live in the real world. Even as the global economy collapses around them, and the snow settles in Seattle, they will continue to bleat about their "dangerous climate change" and wait for the cash to pour in.

Our task is to make it a very long wait.