Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Only doing her job

With Louise Gray doing her usual job as a conduit for WWF press releases in The Daily Telegraph, there are two changes. Firstly, there is a thumbnail picture of the woman. Secondly, the comments are open.

I have appended a few appropriate questions. It will be interesting to see how long the freedom-loving Telegraph lets them stand. After all, we cannot allow anything to get between Louise and her beloved WWF, for whom she so obviously works.

In this piece, though, she manages to combine the two pet hates of "climate change" and the European Union, which, typically, she manages to call "Europe". And despite the crisis of the euro and the probability that the whole construct is about to collapse, all this dismal little tart can witter on about is climate change targets.

It is, of course, this type of stupidity that is making the Telegraph a laughing stock and driving away readers in their droves. A once proud newspaper really needs to reflect on whether its role in life is to be the house organ for the WWF, and whether it can afford to retain people like Gray.