Monday, November 29, 2010

I missed this one

But Autonomous Mind didn't. That's the beauty of the blogosphere (the intelligent bit of it).

Anyhow, it's about that Ofgem investigation into energy company "profiteering". One is deeply suspicious of Ofgem, and rightly so when we see that, on Friday, Energy UK, the industry group representing the big suppliers, hit back at suggestions the utilities are profiteering. It blamed the numerous green taxes imposed by the Government for increasing consumer bills at a faster rate than wholesale prices are rising.

"We have nothing to hide and believe in transparency in this complex marketplace," said Christine McGourty, director of Energy UK. The full story is here. Autonomous Mind takes it further.

We are – as you might have guessed – being seriously ripped off ... but not as much as the Irish. I'll look at that later today.  Cries of "rape" are being heard. Even (or especially) the experts are stunned.