Monday, October 04, 2010

Splattergate: a word from our sponsors

The 10:10 organisation is getting a little flak. Here is a small sample from their website:
1. Carol Ann Cattell

Is that the best you can do, 10:10 leaders? Still no apology even to your supporters. Mention jokingly a "lively round on cake", which was about 5 out of 3000 comments? Like a finishing school dormitory girls' giggle? And your main statement still says "most" thought it funny but "some" didn't - but the truth is, as you know, the opposite - that globally, thousands found it crass and unfunny and authoritarian and just, well, crap in promoting your cause.

You. Just. Don't. Get. It.

And some - a handful of goodhearted souls - have loyally supported you, but not terribly well, all the time you were silent. All a bit of a laugh, was it? Going back to Mummy and Daddy and their contacts for a bit more money, now, are we?

God, you make me angry. And most of us were on your side, if you hadn't been so blinkered. No, the eco stuff is still there and serious and needs serious consideration, proper scientific facts, and effective action. But I hope to god you lot aren't anywhere near it. You're toxic. You can't even say sorry properly. You've no idea, have you? We're just plebs to be sniggered at, fodder for your little wanky games. For the earth's sake, just grow up, will you?

Yeah, I'm a smidgen cross.

2. Dan Woodfine

Dear 10:10

I'm a teenager who has spent the last year trying to convince my parents to be more aware of the environment, to put more effort into recycling, to save energy etc. And what's more - it was working.

They've now seen your video and have been interrogating me about who I'm associating with, warning me about "eco-terrorists" and other such nonsense.

In short, with this video, you've completely undone everything I've tried to do to help my parents. You've made them suspicious of me, and you've made them downright angry.

Thanks for nothing, you bunch of idiots.

3. Managing Director

Our corporate accountants alerted me this evening to the existance (sic) of this video and to remind me that we had made a financial contribution to the 10:10 campaign. Having viewed it, I find it personally repulsive in the extreme. You have had the last donation you will ever get from our business or any business with which I have any influence. What could you have been thinking?

4. Dear all at 10:10

I have supported your campaign to date, am pro-green, pro-cutting carbon emissions, and generally very environmentally conscious. I also grew up in a country where people were blown up and killed by terrorists on a daily basis. I know people who died in this way, and from this video, I imagine from this video that no one at your office, or on your creative team, has experienced this.

The mini-movie campaign indicates a total lack of sensitivity. Further, whatever the intended message might have been, it does implicitly suggest that those who disagree with you should be blown up. If this had been aimed at people who are of a different race, religion, sexuality, etc, it would have been evidently grossly unacceptable.

Sadly, the mini-movie makes me ashamed to have lent my support, and put my name to 10:10. I imagine your corporate sponsors may feel similarly. I am reluctant to continue to be associated with an organisation which can advertise its cause in this way, even if I support the underlying green cause.

This is compounded by what is somewhat obviously a non-apology. It is not a sense of humour failure (as you seem to imply) for people who may actually have seen children, friends, etc blown up, not to consider your mini-movie particularly funny.

The environmental cause will now to have to deal with the damage that you've managed to do it. Your supporters deserve a decent apology for the damage you have done to the general reputation of the green movement.

We will just have to continue onwards and upwards without you.
Rather ironic for a video entitled "no pressure". I guess if it is ever relaunched, it might be called "some pressure". But then, there is probably no need to guess. They've blown it, not only with the movie, but with the faux apology - that seems to have pissed people off more than the film.