Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Splattergate – O2 "I hope things gets sort out soon"

Following the jolly little exchange of e-mails with the corporate monster, having notified them that I had stopped the direct debit, I get this:
Hi Richard

I'm sorry as you're unhappy with the 10:10 video.

As we've mentioned in our previous email, we have already sent your feedback to our higher management. They're looking into this matter seriously. In the meantime if you wish to write a complaint please write them on:

Telefónica O2 UK Limited
O2 Complaint Review Service
PO Box 302

You can email to or you can even fax them on 0113 388 1153. You'll need to include the following information in your letter:

- your name and address
- your mobile number
- a daytime phone number
- details of your complaint
- a suggestion of what you'd like us to do to put things right.

If you've had any previous correspondence relating to your complaint, please send copies of these as well as any names of managers you've spoken to.

The Complaint Review Service will investigate the case and will contact you with their findings. This usually takes five working days, but can be delayed if the case is complex.

I hope things gets sort out soon. If there's any thing else that I can do for you, please drop me an email or visit our online help centre at:


O2 Customer Service
You really do wonder what these corporates do for brains... "I hope things gets sort out soon," their little clone writes, from deep in the bowels of some offshore call centre. It is a constant surprise that they are still in business, although it is not at all a surprise that they get taken in by the likes of 10:10.

Unable to understand their real customers and having turned their "customer services" into a protective barrier, they resort to these cheap populist ideas in the hope that they will demonstrate how much in touch they are with their customer base.  That is all that is left to them.