Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Re-establish the connection

Whichever way you look at it, £1 billion is a lot of money. That is £1,000,000,000.00, and it is our money – more money than you and I will ever see, or ever dream of earning. It is a sum of money that would buy 150,000 hip replacement operations. It would pay the energy bills for two million pensioners for a full year, or pay the university fees for 600,000 students. More specifically, and of some personal interest, it would pay for 100,000 life-saving heart operations.

Yet the f***wit pictured is going to take that amount of money from us to play around stripping plant food from coal-fired electricity generation and bury it deep in a hole in the ground.

This man, therefore, will - indirectly - be responsible for many deaths, lost in "opportunity costs". The money frittered away on this moronic enterprise cannot be spent on life-saving functions. And we do not have the money to spare. If we waste this money, it is not available for anything else. People will die because of this action.

It would thus be very easy to advance a moral case for saying this man should be killed. If I had a gun I would be strugging with the idea that I should not use it for the greater benefit of mankind. If I saw this man's corpse lying on the pavement, I would smile, step over it and continue on my way.

People such as him survive because they are insulated from the consequences of their folly. It is time the connection was re-established. If not, history tells us that there will come a time when the only option will be to kill them.

The French aristocracy learnt that lesson - the ones that survived. An English king forgot that lesson and it cost him his life. A Russian ruler and his family shared the same fate. What makes this ghastly creature think he is immune from the strictures of historical inevitability?