Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Splattergate: O2 customer relations

I e-mailed the O2 telecommunications company yesterday, asking them to withdraw their sponsorship for the 10:10 organisation. "No pressure", I wrote. "Discontinue your sponsorship, or I cancel my mobile contract”. I received this response:
Hello Richard

I'm sorry that you're not happy with the environmental campaign's video

Please accept my apologies about this as we weren't aware about the content of the video. We also weren't consulted when this video was made and published. We're not supporting 10:10 video. You can find the apology statement by clicking the link below:

Hope you understand the situation. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us or visit our online Help Centre at:


O2 Customer Service
To"Bibin", I replied:
Dear Sir

This really is not open to negotiation. O2 may not specifically "support" the video but you are listed as a partner to 10:10 and you thus support 10:10 which made the video.

Unlike Sony, you have not disassociated yourselves from the organisation. As it stands, therefore, my money is supporting a company which in turn supports an organisation with values which I abhor, and judgement which is highly questionable.

It is your choice to support 10:10, but please do not practice your corporate bullshit on me - you support that company, and clearly value your association with it more than you value my custom. My choice, therefore, is not to pay you a penny more. I will be visiting my local bank tomorrow.


Richard North (Dr)
To this happy missive, I received a response from Rakhee. He/She writes:
Hello Richard

I'm sorry that you're not happy with the video published.

I've forwarded your feedback to our higher management. They're looking into this matter seriously. Like I informed you previously we also weren't consulted before publishing the video.

I hope you understand our situation. If there's anything else I can do for you, please email me or contact our online help centre on the link below:


O2 Customer Service
Not entirely happy with this response, I wrote back:

The video is not the issue ... the issue is O2 support for the 10:10 organisation which made the video. I, and the 10,000 readers of my blog, are very interested to know what the "senior management" propose to do about their support. As an individual, I cannot do business with an organisation which supports 10:10.

Best wishes

Richard North
This time, it was Remendine who answered my message:
Hello Richard

Thanks for your email.

I'm sorry, I don't have any official comment on it. If we support it, it'll be updated on our website. As of now I can't tell you any thing more about it.


O2 Customer Service
So, it was off to the bank this morning to cancel the direct debit. Done and dusted. I invite any other O2 users to do the same.